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Floating Systems
Jet™ Aerator System
Land-Base Systems
Floating Systems



High quality materials and technology

Working with proven patented technologies, an innovative approach is used in the water treatment industry. Specific bacterial formulations in the Bio-Breeding-Chamber are combined with aeration technology. This synergy degrades the effluent in the lagoon, retention pond, or clarifier. The combined bio-mechanical approach allows for quicker recovery from shock loading or spills, and treats mal-odors from lagoon inversions in addition to increasing overall efficiency.

EPA survey determines the cost for traditional treatment solutions from $1 to $2 per million gallon; cost for Bioreactor performance range from $0.25 to $0.50 depending on existing infrastructure.

Standard Instrumentation Electrical cabinet with instruments for: pH, Flow, DO, BOD, Temperature, TSS, Computer readout.

Site Specific Instrumentation & Controls Air-conditioned where required, remote floating Pods in lagoon systems, routine readouts are determined by site specific pre-conditions.


Floating BioReactor©


BOD removal

DO production



880 lb/d

85 lb/hr



1320 lb/d

120 lb/hr

Standard Instrumentation supplied:

pH, Flow, DO, Temp, TSS

Application Specific Instrumentation available. Other PRISMSS Products:

  • BioReactors©: Floating, Shallow-water, Land-based or Sumerged.
  • Microbology
  • Service Agreements
Jet™ Aerator System

Jet Aerator 15 HP Aerator Low Cost of Operation More DO & Recirculation High Velocity and Horizontal Plume 120' Optimal efficiency Jet Aerator and Bioreactor© increasing recirculation

The Jet Aerator unit adds process capacity to existing treatment in lagoons, ponds tanks, outperforming less efficient equipment currently in place.

  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Efficient Mixing
  • Fine Bubble Diffusion
  • Energy Efficient
  • Increased Circulation

Technical Features:

Standard units with 3,5,7.5,10, and 15 HP

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

High Velocity 15 HP - 460 GPM

Submerged in second hydraulic layer 6' down


The Jet Aerator is mounted on a 10x10 floating unit

Weight: 2500 pounds

Electrical: 3 phase 480 volt 30 Amp

Operation speed for 15 HP: 17 fps at 65 psi

Standard Instrumentation:

pH, Flow, DO, Temp, TSS

Land-Base Systems

Where floating units won't work......

If your lagoons don't have sufficient space or improper layout for PRISMSS's system, a land-based unit may be right for you.

Where pre-treatment is necessary....

If solids content is too high for a floating unit, or pH may be detrimental to microbial growth, and land based unit allows pre-treatment prior to the biological treatment of the PRISMSS system.

Where post-treatment is necessary....

If sludge removal is difficult in your lagoon, post-treatment units to remove solids (such as clarifiers, filters, or hydroclones) are easily added to a land-based system prior to discharge.


Land-Based Configurations

Two models of units are available to meet your needs.

Epoxy-coated steel

  • For higher flows
  • For permanent installations
  • Up to 1,750 cubic feet of microbial growth

High Density Polyethylene

  • For average flows or ongoing system maintenance
  • Lightweight and easily moved between installations
  • Up to 950 cubic feet of microbial growth.