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About us

Our unique concept of combining velocitymanaged and oxygen enriched wastewater to a log-phase-growth fixed bioaugmented biofilm can increase operational efficiencies up to 73%

PRISMSS® was formed to provide a unique, patented process solution to industrial, municipal, and agricultural wastewater treatment compliance requirements. PRISMSS®’s patented process employs an extremely efficient aerobic fixed biofilm bioremediation treatment strategy that is application-specific, cost-efficient, and tailored to a wide variety of effluent waste stream types

PRISMSS® equipment has proven successful in a variety of industrial applications in both equalization and activated sludge basins. Unique aeration process efficiencies, combined with the bio-breeding chamber, reduce the expense of continuous microbial insertions required in many biological systems. The combination process also reduces the need for a large footprint, additional aeration equipment, and infrastructure additions. Optional instrumentation can monitor (log or transmit) a variety of treatment parameters, including:dissolved oxygen, pH, total dissolved solids, temperature & conductivity.

PRISMSS®’s patented process has generated measurable results and cost-efficiencies:

  • Odor control (within 30 days of startup)
  • Increased oxygen transfer; reduces COD/BOD
  • Biological degradation of process by-products
  • Reduction in treatment time
  • Reductions in sludge volume (30-50%)
  • Lower operating costs (electricity and chemical use)
  • Upgrade treatment facilities to abate discharge violations
  • Increase facility capacity through process efficiencies
  • Decrease capital-cost outlays for infrastructure improvements